Western Union in Chetumal? Central Bank Says It’s Not Necessary


Western Union and MoneyGram enjoy much usage in Belize as a means of sending and receiving money quickly and reliably and even cheaper. Of late there have been persistent reports that Belizeans have found a way to get around the issue of a shortage of US dollars. Some seeking U.S. currency are bypassing using local branches of these exchange services and instead directing the funds to be obtained in Chetumal, Mexico, for instance. It is an issue that is just coming to the attention of the Central Bank. Governor Grant took the opportunity to reassure Belizeans that there is no need to take your money abroad. Joy Grant, Governor, Central Bank of Belize “I have not heard of any problem, but I certainly would never tell anyone to go and put their money across the border; we have a very secure system in Belize; this is where you should be doing your banking; but to any specifics of t…

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