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      1. Meet the August Shunde Expo

        source: time:2014-05-29

        In 2013 August 23-25 day, the company participated in the Shunde (HC) home appliances exhibition, exhibition hall is located in building 2 No. 2F14, welcome to visit the guidance, look forward to your visit!

        Zhongshan city love Shi De Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Town - Zhongshan city China home appliances industrial base. Companies adhere to the "integrity-based, teachnology, stable operation. The structure optimization and industry as the foundation; technology innovation as the driving force, capital operation as the lever; with strong R & D, innovation as the backing; supported by excellent management team, to create excellent team to leading technology, management system, talent internationalization, after many years of pioneering and exploring, love Shi De enterprise the cover of lampblack machine, electric water heaters, gas stoves, embedded disinfection cabinet, household product, through the deepening of enterprise reform and promote the internal linkage mechanism, to allow enterprises to maintain a healthy and fast development.

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